Mark Pincus
Chief Executive Officer &
Chief Product Officer

Mark is the founder, CEO and chief product officer of Zynga. He founded the company in 2007 with a mission of connecting the world through games, and in founding, he also believes that games can do good.

On his way to creating Zynga, Mark started three companies. In 2003, he launched, one of the first social networks. Before that, he founded, a pioneer in automating tech support, and took it public. In 1995, he launched FreeLoader, the first web-based consumer push company. Mark started his career in new media and venture capital before he discovered his calling as a consumer technology entrepreneur. Mark also made founding investments in Napster, Brightmail, Twitter and Facebook.

Mark graduated summa cum laude from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is an angel investor in multiple Silicon Valley startups and regularly gives lectures to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Mark Pincus

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January 10, 2006


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Do you remember the moment you realized bush lied about iraq? see 'why we fight':


Here we go again. Hey Mark, you forgot to add a few more things you learned from the Michael Moore school of reasoning:

It's all about Oil.
Bush is in with the Saudis.
There is no terrorist threat.

And lets call in our good friends Sheehan and Murtha for great advice:

Wave the white flag and get out of there before someone gets hurt!

So, what's the solution? Oh yes, of course, we need to be more like Europe! I'd say France and Spain are fabulous examples of how we can learn to feel the Islamofascist pain. Only after we stop killling them, sit down together, understand why they hate us and completely agree with them will we have peace, the Taliban way.

Oh, yeah, one more thing you forgot to mention,

"It's our fault that 3000 Americans were killed on 9/11"

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