Mark Pincus
Chief Executive Officer &
Chief Product Officer

Mark is the founder, CEO and chief product officer of Zynga. He founded the company in 2007 with a mission of connecting the world through games, and in founding, he also believes that games can do good.

On his way to creating Zynga, Mark started three companies. In 2003, he launched, one of the first social networks. Before that, he founded, a pioneer in automating tech support, and took it public. In 1995, he launched FreeLoader, the first web-based consumer push company. Mark started his career in new media and venture capital before he discovered his calling as a consumer technology entrepreneur. Mark also made founding investments in Napster, Brightmail, Twitter and Facebook.

Mark graduated summa cum laude from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is an angel investor in multiple Silicon Valley startups and regularly gives lectures to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Mark Pincus

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July 01, 2009


I HAVE to throw in my experience here. 72 hours? Are you drunk? High? I filed a claim on 6/10/09 which never got looked at until just last week on 7/22/09 by anyone with the authority to do anything about it and within 5 minutes my refund request was denied citing their "Terms of Purchase" Prior to this, the only looks my ticket ever got was by customer service reps when I called in who can't do anything at all for you but "escalate"(which they couldn't seem to do) I was told on at least 6-7 occasions my claim was being escalated yet it never seemed to get done. Finally last week after being told by "Keith" that I was getting my almost 900.00 refund, I asked him to send me an email to that effect of which he refused to do so i hung up and called back. I spoke with another representative and at this point, finally threatened to sue them and suddenly I get a decision against my request. I spent almost 900.00 to gain an advantage in the game and due to a glitch by their programmers, many many players were able to steal godfather points and overtake me therefore negating my advantange thus turning my 900.00 spent into a waste of good money. This company doesn't care and won't care unless/until they get forced to by the government and I for one, will be the happiest man alive if they were sued so bad they went completely out of business.

I couldn't get them to reply to my trouble ticket in what seemed like forever yet now, I get emails all the time from Zynga regarding other trouble tickets that do not belong to me therefore showing me someone elses private business/information. Makes me wonder how many times they sent my info to other people as these emails are also being CC'd to anywhere from 5-6 additional people. And they wonder why people's credit card information gets unauthorized charges? I was also told at least 3 times that someone would call me back to resolve my issues and finally on my 4th call to them, I reminded them if they intended to do so, they would probably need to ask for my number at some point.(They never called nor do I believe they ever intended to) Their BBB score is an F and my final word...This company is a joke and their programmers couldn't program a VCR

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